Save Thousands on Your Business Taxes with One Touch!
  • Automated GPS Mileage Tracker

    With the Taxbot Smartphone app, you can track your business mileage with the GPS in your iPhone or Android Smartphone! Or, you can simply enter the addresses into the online web portal and calculate your business mileage in one quick step.

    No more cumbersome mileage logs and no more odometer readings! Track your mileage quickly, easily and accurately to save thousands on your taxes!

    On average, our customers increase their mileage deductions by 50%! We are the only tracking system that actually follows you in real time to get an accurate reading! Watch this video to see how!

  • Expense Tracker with Built-in Receipt Scanner

    Get rid of the box of receipts on your desk! Now you can easily store receipts and attach them to expense records using the Taxbot apps.

    Simply snap a photo of your receipt and attach it to an expense using the "Add Expense" feature in the Taxbot iPhone or Android Smartphone app. The app will then intuitively ask you a few short questions and document the expense according to IRS standards. This ensures you will be bulletproof in an audit, as long as you are following the rules.

    We are the only app that allows you to quickly attach expense records to contacts in your phone!

    The expense tracker and receipt storage is also available with our online web portal. Watch this video to see how you can turn your expenses into tax deductions!

  • Automatic Deductions Calculator

    As the Taxbot app captures your mileage and expense records in real time, it will intuitively keep a running total of your approximate tax deductions, helping to motivate you to find more deductions! We know you will become hooked on the tax game and will fall in love with Taxbot!

    Say goodbye to hours of paperwork, bookkeeping and lost receipts. You can quickly and easily link your mileage records to appointments and/or expenses to to help you see how many thousands of dollars you are saving with the Taxbot app! Watch this short video to learn more.

  • Auto-sync to Secure Web Portal

    No need to worry about your records or receipts; they are stored securely online instantly through the cloud! You can rest assured that you have all the back-up you need in case of an audit, if your computer dies, or if you lose your phone.

  • Helps records be instantly IRS compliant and audit protected

    Did you know the IRS hired an additional 16,000 agents this year to perform more audits in 2012? This means that most audited types of businesses (Single owner LLC’s and Sole Proprietorships) are even more at risk than ever! Protect yourself with Taxbot unique tracking system that helps you store IRS compliant data. Each time you enter in an expense or a mileage log, Taxbot will ask you a few simple questions, such as: who, what, when, why, to help you bulletproof your records against an audit. No more trying to remember these important details when Tax time comes around!

  • One-click Reporting and Integration with Accounting Systems

    Downloadable and customizable business reports will help you achieve your business and personal financial goals faster. You can edit records, add new information, create budgets and generate reports.

    You can also integrate with your current accounting systems by exporting your stored information as a CSV file. Other formats coming soon.

  • Exclusive Tax Tips from Expert Sandy Botkin, CPA, ESQ & IRS Insider, as seen on:

    As a member, you receive 24/7 access to 3 minute tax secrets from North Americas #1 small business tax coach, Sandy Botkin, who will teach you how to save thousands on your taxes! Receive the same training that Sandy teaches at Tony Robbins wealth seminars with Donald Trump and other renowned business coaches.

    Learn how to:
    • Write-off the equivalent of your child's education and wedding
    • Deduct 100% of your medical expenses, including: dental, vision, chiropractic and more!
    • Deduct your fun and entertainment
    • Double deduct your business equipment
    • Turn your vacations into a tax deductible events
    • Deduct your season tickets
    • Write-off your car expenses
    • Create a retirement plan that makes a government plan look weak
    • How to keep your records bulletproof against an IRS audit
    • Reduce your risk of an IRS audit
    • What to do if an IRS agent contacts you
    • And much more...


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