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Automatic mileage tracking

Taxbot automatically tracks your mileage using the GPS in your smartphone. All you need to do is classify it as business or personal for bulletproof mileage records that will save you big money!


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Digitally Store Receipts

Taxbot allows you to take crisp photos of your receipts and then requests the appropriate information for that expense so you can be tax compliant for all your business deductions.

AuditSafe Reports

Taxbot is your IRS compliance partner. With the click of a mouse you can print off beautifully formatted AuditSafe deduction reports. It's time to replace that "shoebox of receipts".

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Tax Tips to Save You Money

Taxbot was founded by Sandy Botkin, the #1 Tax Coach in North America. Get access to videos and articles that are guaranteed to increase your refund or save you money on your taxes!

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“Using this app about a year now. I’m excited for tax season!!!”
Kyra B Strong
“I signed up at Young Living’s convention and [Taxbot] has made things so much easier than how I used to do things! I’m all for work smarter! Everyone has a learning curve when they start something new. I’ve called [customer support] twice with questions and they were super helpful! Great customer support! Thank you!”
Kyla Covington Abercrombie
“I was introduced to Taxbot five months ago and am sooooooooooooooo glad that I was! The handy tool makes tracking business expenses a breeze!”
Ophelia Gill Lindsey
“Been using Taxbot for over a year now. Super easy! Love this product!”
Luis Izquierdo Pita
“Taxbot is awesome! Thanks for sharing!”
Clella Moore Cravatt
“Taxbot and the helpful videos and eBook [have] opened my eyes to what I thought I already knew. Turns out I was throwing money away. I was enlightened to Taxbot through my homebased business and am forever grateful. I’ll be looking at a fruitful return for this year. Thank you, Taxbot, you get 5 stars from me and my business partners.”
Jonathan Eugene Crump
“Taxbot, in the past year, has saved me THOUSANDS in deductions as a business owner! Since December 2013 to now, I have saved over $13K in deductions! Accountants love the printed tax reports! This is a must have for any business owner for maximizing your tax benefits! LOVE THIS APP! 5 Stars!
King KP Penson
“Taxbot is a must have if you are a business owner!! Save thousands on taxes and have peace of mind that you did it right!”
Donnie Troy
“Taxbot is the easiest way to save thousands of dollars each year. It’s so perfect for both of my home-based businesses (yes you can have more than one business!).”
Winnie Timmons
“I love Taxbot! I’ve saved so much money in the last few months. Best app ever!”
Toni Wellons