Automatic Mileage Tracking

Turn on our Automatic Tracking from the home screen and Taxbot will automatically track your trip for you. That means you don't have to remember to start and stop your mileage tracking.

Optimized for newer Android devices and iPhone models 5s and greater.

How does it work? In simple terms, we use your accelerometer, GPS, and geofences. When you start driving faster than 15 mph then Taxbot can sense when you are driving and starts tracking you using the GPS in your phone. When you have stopped moving for a period of 5 minutes then Taxbot will end the trip and save it in your queue of trips to be classified. Then you come back later and claim your deductions by classifying the business trips.

Classify Trips Later

All of your trips will be stored in a temporary queue so you can come back into the app at the end of the day and classify your trips as business, personal, or just delete the trip.


Additional Ways to Track Mileage

Turn on Tracking when you need it: If you don't do a significant amount of driving or have an older device and don't want to use Taxbots automatic tracking you can start and stop trips with the simple tab of a button.


Interactive Map

If you have a long trip or if you forget to track a trip you can enter in the address for your start and stop and we will recreate the map for you using Google maps. Or if you don’t know the address you can drop a pin at the location instead of entering your address.


How does it affect battery? Taxbot was optimized for newer model android and iPhones (5s and later). If your phone is an older one then automatic tracking will work but it will use more battery during the day as it checks to see if you are driving. When Taxbot is tracking a trip it uses your GPS to get an accurate trip record and uses battery similar to other apps that use GPS such as navigation apps. So we recommend keeping your phone plugged in when driving.