Import Transactions From Your Bank

Securely connect your business credit card or bank account to Taxbot. Taxbot’s SmarLink will reconcile your bank transactions with what you have already entered into Taxbot and give you a list of transactions. You decide what transactions to import into Taxbot.

Optimized for newer Android devices and iPhone models 5s and greater.

Transaction Screenshot

Step One

Connect your banking through the web portal on

Step Two

Open your banking tab and Taxbot will do its reconciliation.


Step Three

Select the transaction you want to import and add the details to the expense. If you have a receipt you could take a picture of it.


Bank Security: Taxbot uses the same engine and encryption as quickbooks and Quicken. We don’t store any username’s or passwords to your bank account. You make a one time connection through the portal to Intuit. Even though we don’t store your passwords we still have bank level security on our servers. We take privacy very seriously.