Digitally Track Receipts

Taxbot allows you to take crisp photos of your receipts and then requests the appropriate information for that expense to be tax compliant. Forget the chaos of lost or misplaced receipts. Approach April 15th with confidence knowing you are fully documented and compliant.

Optimized for newer Android devices and iPhone models 5s and greater.

Step One

Add your expenses, just tap the "Add Expense" button.


Step Two

Pick your category and answer the questions on the page


Step Three

Snap a picture of the receipt using your phone's camera and you're done.


Secure Storage: Taxbot keeps redundant back-ups of all your data so you can rest assured that your data is safe. We also use 256 bit encryption to secure your data.

At the end of the year you can download our AuditSafe Report from your account that will include a copy of all your receipts along with the required information all summarized for you. Your tax preparer will love how organized you will be.