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Be in Control of Your Money

GUEST POST 3 Benefits of Having a Financial Planner Financial stress is a growing epidemic. While the prospect of having a cushy future entices most, many are inept when it comes to financial affairs. If you fit this description, don’t fret. There are numerous wealth management services available that aim to guide individuals down a...Read More

Financial Risks in Business

GUEST POST How to Intelligently Manage Your Suppliers Running a business isn’t without some degree of risk. This doesn’t mean that you want to ignore the things that you can control. Here are some ideas that you can use in order to manage your suppliers intelligently. Develop Tracking Tools Create tracking tools that will allow...Read More

News You Can Use

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned taxpayers to beware of phony emails claiming to be from the “IRS.” The IRS says scam artists are sending emails to random people, telling them they are due for a refund or under investigation. The message directs people to a fake web site that asks for personal data....Read More

There Is No Free Meal

“Sandy, I received an invitation for a free meal at an investment seminar. Is this taxable, if I go with my wife?” Answer: No, it isn’t taxable. As a recipient of the meal, you don’t owe any income tax on this benefit no matter how lavish the meal. HOWEVER, there is no such thing as...Read More

4 Repairs to Account for in Your Emergency Fund

GUEST POST An emergency fund is a personal savings account that typically contains enough money to pay for three to six months’ worth of household expenses. Emergency funds are important for individuals and households to have, as emergencies can rear their ugly heads in the blink of an eye, leaving them in dire financial straits....Read More

How Intelligent Business Owners Save Money on Packaging

GUEST POST Packaging costs can often be exorbitant for businesses. They can often be enough to make businesses want surrender for good. That’s not usually a realistic or pleasant option, however. If you’re a savvy business owner who wants to reduce your packaging expenses substantially, there are actually a few pointers that can be game-changers...Read More

Sandy’s “Now” Thoughts

My mom and dad never traveled outside the US until they retired. They always believed that they had a lot of work to do and couldn’t get away. Their attitude was that they could see the world later in life. Sadly, after taking only one short trip, my mom died of cancer and never traveled...Read More