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Claiming a Home Office, Inc.

Many business people who are incorporated think that claiming a home office would be simple and profitable. Sadly, this isn’t true. Your deductions have to exceed 2% of your AGI, and you have to itemize to benefit from them. Some people try to rent their home office to the corporation to avoid these problems. This,...Read More

Legal Tips

The next few blogs will be based on some legal tips given by a lawyer to his staff. I think you will find it interesting: Tip one: Top red flags for audits – Here are some examples that will attract attention by tax authorities in both US and Canada: Failing to sign tax return Failing to...Read More

Welcome to our Taxbot blog

I want to welcome you to our Taxbot site and to our blogs. Taxbot will be a very cool and necessary iphone and Droid application that will “automatically” keep track of your deductions by asking you the required questions need to bullet proof your deductions from even the smartest tax examiner. It will has an...Read More

Gifts of realestate

News you can use: IRS is working on major compliance initiative to sniff out gift tax cheats especially regarding real estate gifts to kids. It is estimated that 60-90% of those who transfer real estate as a gift, don’t file IRS form 709.  IRS is checking transfer records from many states. Even worse, states are...Read More