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travel questions

Travel Questions

I was giving a seminar in Las Vegas. Yes, I know it is a hard life but someone has to do it. Being in Las Vegas reminded me of many questions that I get regarding business travel. Here are a few: Can we deduct expensive dinners such as eating at a steak house or buffet? When...Read More

Eliminate Commuting to Your Office

Question of the week, “I am a Realtor. I have been told by my accountant that if I stop at the post office or the bank first from my home, my entire mileage to my main real estate office is deductible. Is this correct?” Sandy’s response: I hope you didn’t pay for this advice because this...Read More

Part IV: How to Save for Reserves

In prior posts, I noted the absolute need for reserves and noted how much in reserve you need. The final question is, “how do you save up that much money?” This is the $64,000 question. Here is the secret: Have a fixed amount of each paycheck taken out for savings. Learn to live on what...Read More

Reserves: How Much Should you Have?

Hopefully in a prior post, I have convinced you of the absolute necessity of having adequate reserves. The next question is how much should they be? There are three criteria used in figuring out the need for reserves: 1. Living expenses: Most planners suggest at least 12 months of living expenses. However, this assumes that you...Read More

Why So Many People Fail Financially

There are lots of reasons why so many people fail financially: 1. People living longer: This increases the chance of having disabling health problems, either physical or mental, 2. Huge amount of information that people must process today, 3. Failing to plan for inflation, 4. Lack of understanding of compound interest, 5. Failing to adequately...Read More