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Finding a Reliable Home Caregiver

It can be tough to come to the realization that a loved one needs in-home care that the family can’t provide. Sadly, studies have shown that people supplied from agencies aren’t as rigorously screened as most people think. Also, there are constant complaints of thefts by caregivers. It may surprise you that most agencies that...Read More

Part II, Social Security Strategies

In my previous post, I discussed the “Claim and Suspend” strategy, which is ideal for couples that have spouses whose age is within 4 years of each other. Thus it is ideal for couples where one spouse meets the full retirement age at 66, and the other spouse isn’t younger than 62. This strategy discussed...Read More

Part 3, Classifying Fix-Ups as Repairs

Final post on Repairs vs. Improvements As I noted in prior posts, if you have rental or commercial property or are renting out your home, you want fix-ups to be classified as repairs since repairs are fully deductible. Improvements, however, would have to be depreciated over 27.5 years for residential buildings and 31 years for...Read More