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Student loan interest

Student loan interest of $2,500 or less is deductible if you have an adjusted gross income of under $60K single and 120K married filing jointly. If you earn $60-75K and are single or between $120-150K married filing jointly, you can get a partial deduction for the interest. If you earn over 75K ( single) or...Read More

Financial and tax myths

Financial Myths continued: Myth 3, “MY home based business doesn’t generate the same deductions and fringe benefits as that of a brick and mortar business or that of a major corporation.” This is a wide spread myth. Generally, small business get the same deductions and fringe benefits that major companies can provide for their employees....Read More

Tax myths

Cash drain myths. I thought I would discuss some widespread financial myths. Myth one: “I didn’t make a lot of money. Thus, I don’t need to worry about tax planning.” This is absolutely false! If you own investment property or a home, you have access to some great tax shelters. Moreover, business owners can use...Read More