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Identifying Strokes

My dad had a friend who fell. It seemed that nothing was wrong until several hours later when she died of a stroke. Hundreds of thousands of people die of stokes each year without knowing that they had strokes. Many of these could have been prevented if people understood the signs and were rushed to...Read More

Tax Free Cell Phones

The United States Congress recently passed a law (in 2012) that allows corporations, partnerships and multiple member LLC’s to provide cell phones to their employees tax free. In addition, the monthly usage paid by the corporation for the employee is also tax free as long as the corporation can justify the expense as related to...Read More

Tax credits for Education

If you or your kids are attending college or may attend a gradate program, you may be eligible for some terrific tax credits. Just to remind you, a tax credit is a yummy dollar-for dollar reduction in your taxes. It is much better than a deduction. 1. American Opportunity Credit (AOC): The American Opportunity Credit...Read More