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Leasing vs Buying Equipment

Right now, you can only elect to deduct up to $25,000 worth of equipment purchases this year. This is way down from the $500,000 amount that was available last year. Leasing equipment (other than cars,which have some special rules and limits) allows for a full 100% deduction of the payment if it is a “true...Read More
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SCAM ALERT: Government Grants & Loans

I bet that when you were younger, your parents told you that, “money doesn’t grow on trees” Here’s another hard truth according to the Federal Trade Commission: “The federal government is NOT giving away thousands of dollars in grants to people who: pay their taxes on time, or never declared bankruptcy, or have no criminal...Read More
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Sandy Botkin Q&A – 09/25/2015

Usually once every two weeks or so, I answer tax and/or financial questions from you, my Facebook friends. Here are the questions for this week: “Sandy, I just started a business this year. I want to depreciate my car, which I paid $25,000 for three years ago, and some furniture used for business that I...Read More
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SCAM ALERT: Charitable Scams

As year end approaches, we all will start getting an influx of calls from charities asking for money. Even worse, charities are allowed to solicit money even though you are on the “Do Not Call List.” So who should you contribute to? The answer is to NEVER agree to give money to a telemarketer. Why?...Read More
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SCAM ALERT: ‘Check’ This

I just became aware of a recent scam that actually happened to me. I was called by my bank about two questionable checks that the bank already paid. Why they called me about checks after paying them is the question, but they did it. The checks were imitations of my checks and the signature was...Read More
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Again, I am receiving calls and emails about “IRS” personnel calling and threatening lawsuit or arrest or even deportation if the victim doesn’t pony up a cashier’s check or wire funds. They sound very legitimate, giving both a badge number, name and even a phone number to call, which is answered by purportedly someone at...Read More
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SCAM ALERT: Facebook Edition

NEVER post compromising information on Facebook Scenario I: Recently, A couple decided to take a two week European cruise. They posted on Facebook that they were on their trip and posted pictures taken while in Europe. When they arrived home, their home was burglarized and ransacked. Crooks read over Facebook to see who is leaving...Read More
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This is a post that you need to share with EVERYONE. In many states we have tolls. People buy devices to automatically pay the tolls so that they don’t have to stop at toll booths The names may vary but the concept is the same. Thus, in the upper part of the east coast, these...Read More