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IRS’ Top Scams 2018: Part 2

Fake Charities Groups masquerading as charitable organizations solicit donations from unsuspecting contributors. Be wary of charities with names similar to familiar or nationally-known organizations. Contributors should take a few extra minutes to ensure their hard-earned money goes to legitimate charities. irs.gov has the tools that taxpayers need to check out the status of charitable organizations....Read More

Give the Gift of Taxbot

Help make a friend’s life less taxing! Give the gift of Tax Deductions. Taxbot Gift Subscriptions are now available. And, available all year round. How does it work? Select the gift subscription you want from the options below Your friend will receive an announcement of your amazing gift explaining how to get started Sit back...Read More

Your “Ticket” to Tax Savings

What not to say to the nice policeman: “I can’t reach my license unless you hold my beer.” Season tickets: One of the most overlooked deductions are those for season tickets. Do you own season tickets to a show, playhouse, dinner theater, museum or sporting event? If you do, did you write off the tickets?...Read More

Q&A with Sandy: Roth IRA Deductions

Can I deduct losses incurred by my Roth IRA? You can’t deduct contributions to a Roth IRA, but payouts are generally tax free for life. However, what happens if you have losses incurred by the Roth IRA? This has been a very popular question. The answer is that losses incurred by a Roth IRA are...Read More

New Year: New Tax Plan

Soon enough, you will be hearing Christmas sleigh bells, buying year end gifts, (if you haven’t already) and getting ready for the New Year. However, with Trump being the President elect, year-end tax planning may be more important than ever. The key is that Trump wants to reduce tax rates particularly for those married folks...Read More

10 Great Mid-Year Tax Moves, Part Two

  Part II: Treat your business prospects and clients: When you hold a “substantial business discussion and document this correctly in your tax tracker, such as Taxbot, you can generally write off 50% of the cost of entertainment either preceding or following the meeting. This may include a round of golf at country clubs, a...Read More