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Apple Card Anyone?

UPDATED At their March event, Apple made the surprising announcement that they were jumping into the credit card business. Partnering with first time card issuer, Goldman Sachs, the company is proclaiming that their card will be different than others. Let’s take a look, shall we? No Fees Perhaps the boldest of their statements is that...Read More

We hope you’ve enjoyed your SCAM!

You’re on the road, for business or pleasure doesn’t matter. You check into a hotel. You get to your room and start to settle in. The room phone rings… “This is the front desk calling. There’s been an issue with the credit card you used at the front desk. Could you read the number for...Read More

TPS UK eCOM Credit Card Scam

Recently while checking online for my credit card statements, I came across an unusual charge for $474.92. This was accompanied by a foreign transaction charge for $14.24. This is significant for a number of reasons… I haven’t traveled to a foreign country in over a decade. I have never authorized a charge from a foreign...Read More

Consumer Tip: Warranties

Here is a great consumer tip from my son, Matt Botkin. When you purchase equipment or electronics, you probably got a warranty. Generally, warranties are one-to-five years. However, what is not that well known is that a number of credit cards from American Express, CitiBank, and others will extend your warranty an amount equal to...Read More

Minimize Identity Theft

Steps to take to minimize Identity Theft (ID theft) I was reading about the rampant hacking going on,which is now happening to individuals. Although there is NO WAY to totally prevent ID theft, there are some steps you can take to minimize both the ability of this to happen to you and to reduce the...Read More

SCAM ALERT: Syphoning Your Info

Let’s say that you are like me. You are incredibly careful to whom you give out your Social Security and other personal identification to. You watch your credit cards like a hawk, and they never leave your sight. You shred any unneeded documents with personal Id information on it. Yet, somehow someone got your credit...Read More

Don’t Be A Victim Of Card Fraud

A recent viral video shows a woman confronting a Starbucks employee. The employee in question had allegedly stolen the woman’s credit card information and charged hundreds of dollars before being caught. Starbucks fired the employee after she admitted in the video what she’d done. The owner of the card opted against pressing charges once the...Read More