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News You Can Use

News You Can Use

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned taxpayers to beware of phony emails claiming to be from the “IRS.” The IRS says scam artists are sending emails to random people, telling them they are due for a refund or under investigation. The message directs people to a fake web site that asks for personal data....Read More

The Gift of Miles

Sharing airline miles that you’ve accumulated through your credit card or frequent flier program may sound like a great way to give the gift of travel. HOWEVER, transferring miles is usually pricey. the major U.S. airlines levy fees of about 1 cent to 1.5 cents per mile transferred, and , even worse, most charge flat...Read More

Reader View Available

Here’s a simple little trick that may come in handy. Especially if your reading glasses are in the other room. When you’re trying to read a blog, including the Taxbot Blog, sometimes the print is just too small on your smartphone. Well, there’s a built in way to solve that problem. It’s called “Reader View”....Read More

What is Taxbot?

by Scott Rosenlof, Customer Experience Director The story of Taxbot actually starts many years ago with a young CPA and Tax Attorney named Sandy Botkin. As a favor to his parents, Sandy was looking at their previous year’s tax return and discovered that many of the deductions they qualified for as small business owners were...Read More

Apple Card Anyone?

UPDATED At their March event, Apple made the surprising announcement that they were jumping into the credit card business. Partnering with first time card issuer, Goldman Sachs, the company is proclaiming that their card will be different than others. Let’s take a look, shall we? No Fees Perhaps the boldest of their statements is that...Read More

Getting Noticed by the IRS

Normally, it is nice to be noticed. For example, if I forget our anniversary or a family member birthday, I do get reminded. I also love when people notice my blogs and comment on them. However, sometimes being noticed isn’t so great especially when Congress wants IRS to “notice” more taxpayers. Generally, this only requires...Read More

Taxbot L!FT

Taxbot L!FT (or LIFT if you don’t speak in exclamation points) was born of a desire to put more positive thoughts out into the world. Social media is seemingly overflowing with negativity these days. So we sought out positive inspiration from some of today’s best minds. The dreamers. The movers and shakers. And we are...Read More

Do You Have a Safety Net?

Here is a question that I want EVERYONE to think about: Could you pay your bills and mortgage if you weren’t paid for a month or even for several months? The government shutdown was a real life test for financial preparedness. If you answered that you would have a problem paying your bills, you are...Read More