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Mike Brown

Reader View Available

Here’s a simple little trick that may come in handy. Especially if your reading glasses are in the other room. When you’re trying to read a blog, including the Taxbot Blog, sometimes the print is just too small on your smartphone. Well, there’s a built in way to solve that problem. It’s called “Reader View”....Read More

Apple Card Anyone?

UPDATED At their March event, Apple made the surprising announcement that they were jumping into the credit card business. Partnering with first time card issuer, Goldman Sachs, the company is proclaiming that their card will be different than others. Let’s take a look, shall we? No Fees Perhaps the boldest of their statements is that...Read More

Taxbot L!FT

Taxbot L!FT (or LIFT if you don’t speak in exclamation points) was born of a desire to put more positive thoughts out into the world. Social media is seemingly overflowing with negativity these days. So we sought out positive inspiration from some of today’s best minds. The dreamers. The movers and shakers. And we are...Read More

Is it really Apple?

New variations on scams seem to pop up daily. One of the latest targets Apple customers who are having issues with their devices. This time with a twist. You call them. An elderly woman who was having trouble removing an app from her iPhone did a web search for Apple Customer Support. The number that...Read More

Tax Season Today

The tax season can be confusing. And make no mistake about it, that is by design. The U.S. Tax Code started out as about 30 words. It now fills more than seventy thousand pages of convoluted text. The sheer number of forms and dates they are due is almost impossible to comprehend. So, Taxbot is...Read More

Google+ Breached Again!

Several months ago, Google announced that they would be shutting down their failed social network Google+. The news came after a security flaw was discovered in that portion of the Google network. A flaw that Google claimed to have fixed before making the announcement. Since most people had been ignoring Google+ anyway, the shutdown became...Read More

Email Blackmail

Do you ever look at your junk mail folder? There may be something in there you’ll want to take a closer look at. Recently, several people at our company received emails that looked like this.   Hello! My nickname in darknet is griswold88. I hacked this mailbox more than six months ago, through it I...Read More