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Jake Randall

Taxbot CEO on SharkPreneur

Taxbot CEO Jake Randall made an appearance on a recent edition of The SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington and Seth Greene. Give a listen. Or, listen on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. All content on this site is the property of Taxbot, LLC and/or the author. You may link to any article that you wish,...Read More

This is a little embarrassing.

I have a super-embarrassing confession to make… But I think there is a valuable teaching moment here that will help you so I’ve decided to swallow my pride and share it. So here is the confession: We at Taxbot (The company that’s been teaching you about tax strategy and have been hounding you not miss...Read More

Was Ben Franklin’s Math Wrong?

To be fair, it wasn’t wrong when he was alive – but unfortunately, it’s dead wrong today… You’ve heard his famous saying a million times… “A penny saved is a penny earned.” In other words… saving money is just as valuable as earning money. “But why is this statement wrong?” you might be asking… Well,...Read More