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Guest Post

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Car Care

Car care doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. By finding ways to save money, you can keep your vehicle running without having to break the bank. Here are four simple ways to save money on car care. Follow Your Vehicle Owner’s Manual Service Schedule You shouldn’t wait until a mechanic tells you that...Read More

3 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Car Safe

Keeping our vehicles safe is a real priority for us. We invest a lot of money in the vehicles themselves, as well as in their contents. The electronic devices and other valuables kept inside are usually much harder to replace than the car itself. Whatever your priorities are, follow these three tips for keeping your...Read More

What Owning Foreign Property Means for Your Taxes

Many investment savvy individuals and couples are looking overseas for rental income properties, vacation homes, and even retirement homes. The tax benefits of owning both residential and rental property overseas are similar to the benefits of owning a home in the United States, with a few exceptions. Continue reading to understand how tax law in...Read More