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How to Save Money at Your Office


In business, the usual method of cutting costs involves the product or service that the business provides. Attention is usually focused on finding lower costs for inputs or streamlining shipping processes. While those techniques are proven performers for increasing the bottom line, they may not capture every cost savings that a business can find. Reducing expenses in the office could be just as beneficial as improving operations on the sales floor or assembly line. Here are four simple tools for cutting costs in the very place where costs are tracked.­

Review Agreements

Whether they involve a lease for copiers, the contract for facility cleaning, or the rent of the building itself, business agreements are typically numerous in most offices. Negotiating a better deal or simply finding a better vendor can often make a big impact on expenditures for those facilities or services. Never automatically renew an agreement. Review each one, having already priced other options to prepare you for a smooth transition.

Check Electrical Performance

Most offices have thousands of dollars invested in computers, copiers, and desktop machines. Damage to these costly devices can put a significant burden on the budget. Have a commercial electrician visit the facility, looking for circuits that may have issues. Ask about the condition of breakers, wiring, and the overall service panel. If any deficiencies are found, have them corrected to reduce the risk of equipment damage. Add battery backup/power surge devices for expensive equipment as well.

Install Programmable Thermostats

It’s amazing how many office managers do the right things to save money at home but forget to try them at work. Many offices are only in use for nine or so hours per day, leaving the heating and cooling system working hard to maintain the appropriate temperature for 15 hours of empty space. A programmable thermostat can trigger the system to get to work before the first workers arrive, then start to taper off at day’s end.

Farm out Specialized Tasks

One of the greatest burdens on productivity is when workers must perform jobs that they rarely do. Their inexperience leads to frustration, errors, and wasted time. This could apply to anything from payroll to accounts payable, but the important thing to understand is that many offices can save money by contracting this work out to specialized firms. The output will be better, and the in-house staff will be less frustrated and more productive. The operation of a business has many different elements, any of which are capable of being either a drain or a boost to the bottom line. With good management tips like these, your business office can improve the company’s overall profitability.

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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