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Why You Don’t Want to Say “Sorry” After an Accident



After a car accident, you may experience a variety of emotions and feelings. You may feel sad, scared, mad, frustrated, compassionate, and a variety of other feelings and emotions. Feeling the need to apologize is natural for most people, but it’s one thing, in this situation, you should avoid. This advice may sound insensitive, but you could cause a lot of problems in the future by apologizing. How? Read on to find out more.

Acceptance of Fault

After a car accident, most drivers are looking for someone to place the blame. By apologizing, you’re accepting fault for the accident. Although you may feel you are the cause of the wreck, how can you be certain of the circumstances of the accident? Do you know what the other driver was doing before the time of the collision? It may seem as if the wreck could have been your fault, but there is no 100 percent way to be sure.

Opportunity for Misunderstanding

Many people are taught to apologize after something unexpected happens to minimize confrontation and other issues. After a car accident, apologizing leads the other driver to believe you are doing so to accept the fault of the accident. Now the other driver can reshape the event as if you were the person who actually caused the accident, which means your insurance rates skyrocket. Even if there is a responding officer of the law present, you are incriminating yourself by apologizing, so it’s best not to.

Denying Your Claim

Whether you have insurance with a corporation or a local company, insurance companies don’t want to pay money. By apologizing, the other driver’s insurance company will use this as a means to underpay, dispute, or deny your injury claim, which is why it’s best to attain auto accident attorney services. You need at least one person on your side who is willing to fight for justice.

Increased Insurance Rates

An apology is the ammunition an insurance company needs to fault you with the car accident. Whether you caused the accident is no longer in question, and you will be stuck with the charges and court fees. Accepting fault for a car accident can increase your auto insurance rate by a substantial amount of money. You may be inclined to apologize as a polite gesture, but it is best if you don’t. Remember that you have rights whether you are or are not at fault for the accident. Don’t give insurance companies firepower against you.

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