Sandy’s “Educational” Thoughts

Sandy’s “Educational” Thoughts

I am sure many of you have read how some wealthy parents have bribed various admission people into getting their children into some elite schools. One parent, Felicity Hoffman, even went so far as to bribe an SAT proctor into changing answers for their kids. I, for one, am not too shocked or even dismayed by this. Why?

The reason is that the educational system has been partially rigged for years and continues today as well. Getting admitted to a top school isn’t always based on merit and it certainly isn’t a level playing field. Don’t believe me? 

Call up any school that you can think of and offer to donate a building in return for admission of your son or daughter. It still happens frequently. If your child is a famous actor, they probably can get in anywhere. If you are a major politician or celebrity, chances are that your kids will get a lot more weight in admissions especially if they can say that they are related to you.

Sadly, it doesn’t stop here. If your kids attend a well connected wealthy private high school, their chances of being admitted to certain top schools increases substantially. Let us also not forget the admission increase resulting from being an “underrepresented” minority regardless of whether the parents were rich or poor. Moreover, legacies in some schools also have an admission edge. Let us also not forget the parents who, might not have bribed anyone,but who paid for high priced SAT tutoring in order to raise their kid’s SAT scores substantially. 

Yes, I still believe that hard work and diligence does pay off, and I still believe that America is mostly a meritocracy especially in running and starting up a small business. HOWEVER, it must admitted that getting into the top schools has always been at least partially rigged for the rich and well connected and won’t stop unless the admission process becomes a LOT more transparent or the university stops admitting based on “subjective” holistic standards and starts relying more on objective standards and scores,which probably will never happen.

Frankly, the only thing that these parents did incorrectly was that they bribed the wrong people!! Had they bribed the universities directly in a more transparent manner, nothing would have happened to them.

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