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Taxbot L!FT


Taxbot L!FT (or LIFT if you don’t speak in exclamation points) was born of a desire to put more positive thoughts out into the world.

Social media is seemingly overflowing with negativity these days. So we sought out positive inspiration from some of today’s best minds. The dreamers. The movers and shakers. And we will present those thoughts to you on our various social media platforms.

Occasionally, if we think it’s needed, we’ll delve into the past for these bits of wisdom. Though for the most part our desire is to introduce you to the people making a difference today.

In each instance, we will provide a way that you can find them on social media and follow them for even more inspiration.

If we’re missing someone that you think would make an uplifting addition on this journey, feel free to comment below and we’ll seek them out. Though if you have their social media link, that’d be great too.

All content on this site is the property of Taxbot, LLC and/or the author. You may link to any article that you wish, or share via the social media buttons below. However, please do not copy articles or images for use on other sites without express written permission.

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