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My Retirement Plan Ends… Here


Here are some final thoughts regarding retirement. You have probably spent much of your working life looking forward to doing nothing in retirement. What if, when these days of leisure finally arrive, you’re miserable?

Many people are redesigning retirement to include part-time work, volunteering, and other endeavors.

Some teach courses at local universities, which is what I plan on doing. Some have become involved in local political campaigns. Some, like me, may want to take some additional college courses or even start up a side venture. The key point is to develop some passions and interests and act upon them.

Idleness is not the natural state for human beings. If you have enough money, the key question is what are you going to do now? Really think about this and my prior six posts. In addition, read the retirement chapter in my book, “Achieve Financial Freedom: Big Time.”

Don’t be one of the many people who have no plan or who have given little thought for retirement. Without planning, your retirement can be a failure and result in a lot of stress. With proper planning, you can achieve some or even many of your dreams, have fun and make your life a LOT less taxing forever.

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