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February 2019

My Retirement Plan Ends… Here

Here are some final thoughts regarding retirement. You have probably spent much of your working life looking forward to doing nothing in retirement. What if, when these days of leisure finally arrive, you’re miserable? Many people are redesigning retirement to include part-time work, volunteering, and other endeavors. Some teach courses at local universities, which is...Read More

My Retirement Plan Ends… Almost

In prior posts, I discussed how to determine how much you will need for retirement and how to get that amount. We discussed either having a flexible spending approach depending on financial and market conditions and/or getting a steady stream of income using either bond ladders and/or annuities especially to quell stock market jitters during...Read More

My Retirement Plan Ends … Someday

Tame Market Jitters: How many times have you heard people utilize the “one more year” syndrome where they delay retirement for fear of a market crash? Right now we have one of the highest stock market levels in history. Thus, this fear is probably warranted. However, here is a secret: you can retire at any...Read More

Was Ben Franklin’s Math Wrong?

To be fair, it wasn’t wrong when he was alive – but unfortunately, it’s dead wrong today… You’ve heard his famous saying a million times… “A penny saved is a penny earned.” In other words… saving money is just as valuable as earning money. “But why is this statement wrong?” you might be asking… Well,...Read More

My Retirement Plan Ends

Believe it or not, retirement can be difficult. I know of several people who have failed at retirement. One friend failed it twice. Let’s face it: when you are accustom to going to work daily and then have nothing that you have to do, it can be a bit daunting for some people. We have...Read More

My Retirement Plan Continues

In my prior post, which I hope everyone read, I noted how much you will need in savings in order to have a reasonably comfortable retirement. Here we will discuss ways to accumulate the money. I am sure many of you read my post with dismay thinking, “How can I accumulate almost two million dollars?”...Read More

My Retirement Plan Begins

I was thinking about retiring and realized that I had more questions than answers. I would bet many of you also had questions such as “How much do I need for retirement?” and “What steps should I take in order to have a smooth transition to retirement?” Accordingly, I will be doing a three part...Read More