Confessions of a Couch Potato

Confessions of a Couch Potato

This post will be about something very different and far from the tax and financial issues that I normally write about. Every now and then, I like to have a “change of pace.”

First, I want to see that I HATE exercising. I really hate it. I am the true couch potato. I especially hate exercising alone on machines such as stair climbers and treadmills. However, for all you fellow couch potatoes who feel as I do, I have found some techniques that have enabled even this potato to exercise. Here are the secrets that I use to actually look forward to exercising:

1Pay for the exercise: I have found that if I prepay for something, I try very hard to maximize my value for my dollar.

2Take a class: Although I hate, hate, hate exercising alone did I say I hate exercising alone… I actually enjoy taking classes with other people. My favorite classes are aerobics classes and Zumba gold classes. Try it. In fact, my classes are full of couch potatoes like me; thus, It must work for a lot of people. There are usually plenty of classes provided by either your county , city, YMCA or even a gym. Look for them. I bet they are all around and you didn’t even know about them.

3Find something you like: My friends Jim and Sue aren’t great exercisers either,but they LOVE skiing They get plenty of exercise doing things they like, which gave me the clue. My friend Joe loves to bicycle around his area and see the sights.Thanks Jim and Sue and Joe. Thus, you need to find what you like. It could be exercise classes, swim classes, skiing, walking etc. You don’t need to be a marathon runner to benefit from all the exercise that you need.Moderate walking or bicycling or swimming would be great.

4Find exercise pals: If you don’t take classes, find some friends to exercise with or exercise with your spouse or kids. My chiropractor didn’t like to exercise either. However, he found a group that does mountain biking and , to his surprise, he loves biking with them. I have another friend who loves walking around the lake by me, which encourages me to walk with him. We even feed the geese with special geese food that I bought. This adds a LOT of excitement to our walks. 

Also, get a dog! They LOVE running, walking , trotting etc. They will happily join you on any walk and will be a LOT of fun to be with. However, admittedly, this last suggestion has a downside in that you will need to take care of the dog daily.

Bottom line: There are lots of things that even the worst couch potato could use to get off the couch and start moving around. 

5Consider buying a Fitbit or similar device if your friends have one: Normally I can get many of the same motivational stuff on free apps that I can find on Fitbit. However, Fitbit has a work week and/or weekend hustle where you can compete with your friends regarding steps made each day. It even encourages you to get moving each hour and put on 250 steps. It is ideal for us couch potatoes.

Exercise is very crucial. My cardiologist cousin admits that he personally knows of not one person who lived a long life without doing daily exercise. Exercise benefits not only the whole cardiovascular system but also has been shown to reduce the incidents of certain cancers and help keep the brain healthy.

Bottom line: Find your exercise niche. I promise that you will feel much better and make your overall life a lot less taxing

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