Sandy’s “Helpful” Thoughts

Sandy’s “Helpful” Thoughts

Since this is the holiday season, I decided to post a copy of an email that I received from a friend as my thought for the season:

A lady was in Trader Joe’s yesterday hobbling around with a cane (having just had some surgery on her leg) and ended up with too much stuff in her little hand carry basket. She was really struggling.

Another woman, who had a wheeled cart, came up to her and said, “I have a lot less then you – let’s swap.”

The second woman proceeded to load all of the hobbled woman’s items into the cart and her own stuff into the little hand basket. Then said, “You can lean on this easier too. We all need to lean on something or someone at times.” And walked off.

Imagine if each of us helped just one person during this holiday season. Maybe that should be everyone’s goal

Happy Holidays indeed!

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