Save Your Divorce, Part One

Save Your Divorce, Part One

Using social media during a divorce could prove pricey: If you bad-mouth your spouse on social media, your spouse’s attorney might use these posts in court to make you look like a bad person. If you post pictures of fun things that you do or fun places that you go, your spouse’s attorney might use these to make it appear that you spend recklessly or don’t take proper care of your children. Bottom line: Stop using social media until your divorce is final, and delete any posts that are either critical of your spouse or show you spending money or enjoying yourself.

Taking your divorce to court will only benefit the lawyers. For some reason, some spouses insist in contesting divorces in court “out of principle.” That’s a bad idea. Generally divorce courts do NOT offer a fair hearing or a sympathetic ear. These judges have hundreds of cases on their docket and can’t spend the time necessary to discover the truth about you or your spouse. Going to court is an expensive gamble. Bottom line: If you are offered a settlement that you can live with, take it.

Don’t date till your divorce is final: If your spouse’s attorney learns that you have a new romantic partner before the divorce is final, they might use this information to make you seem unfaithful or might make a big deal about your spending of marital assets. If you have minor children, they will raise custody about the safety of your having any custody of the children. Bottom line: Don’t date until your divorce is final.

Part II. on divorce strategies, including some tax strategies, is here

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