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How Do You ‘Spend’ Your Day?


Fourth quarter already?

It seems like just last week we were celebrating New Years and here it is less than a month away from Halloween.

Crazy how time flies!

The other day I came across this info-graph, and it really made me think! See if it hits you as hard as it hit me…


Take an average 8-hour work day… If you were to track how much of your day you actually are working for yourself, it is kind of staggering.

…you start your day off by working roughly the first 2 hours just to pay Uncle Sam for your Federal Taxes (on average).

…then you work about an hour to pay your State Taxes.

So the first 3 hours of your day belong to the government! (Which is why we at Taxbot strive to help you lower your taxes!)

You work up until lunch time just to pay for you home and utilities. – 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Now go ahead and take a lunch break, you deserve it! And by the way, thanks for working so hard for taxes this morning, and every morning.

… After lunch you work 59 minutes for your Healthcare

… then 49 minutes for Food

… 34 minutes for Transportation

… 25 minutes on Recreation

…almost done just 1 hour left…

… 20 minutes on Clothing

… 22 minutes on Savings

… and finally 22 minutes for Miscellaneous Expenses

This is the average 8-hour work day in America…whew you made it.

Isn’t it crazy! The average person spends only 22 minutes working for our savings and retirement. But, we work almost 3 hours of each day to pay taxes! That really hit me hard…what about you?

Did you know the average Taxbot “Power User” saves over $10,000 per year on their taxes.

Remember that is PER YEAR!

If you are interested in becoming a Taxbot “Power User” and saving $10,000 per year or more on your taxes call our customer service and tell them, you want to become a “Power User.” It’s pretty easy to contact them too, it’s right there in the Taxbot app. Click “more” in the lower right corner. Then just select “in-app chat” or “call or text”.  We’re here Monday thru Friday from 7am to 6pm Mountain time.

You can always just email, support@taxbot.com, or call toll-free 855-482-9268.

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