Sandy’s “Historical” Thoughts


I am not sure why history is taught in our schools since no one seems to learn from history.

In the past, there was a very able thinker and teacher who was condemned for some older immoral crimes that supposedly occurred many years before the “trial.”

He was tried, in a “political trial,” by an all male group of legislators who had preconceived ideas about this guilt. He was not allowed to bring in witnesses as to his actions , beliefs or effects on the public. It was simply his testimony against one other witness/prosecutor (who was sponsored by the legislative judges).”

This poor unfortunate was deemed guilty. If this sounds like the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, you would be wrong. I was describing the trial against Socrates, which occurred over two-thousand years ago.

I have found this whole current affair to be disgusting. I agree with Judge Kavanaugh that it isn’t a fair hearing, however, not for the reason that you may think. All of the claims of sexual assault should have been presented to the FBI… period. They are trained, investigative professionals. Congressmen are not. To rush through this process because of an upcoming election that could change the control of congress is absurd. What happened to the concept that politicians are supposed to care about the country and its citizens first and foremost?

As far as I am concerned this whole affair is despicable. Everyone involved has had their reputation tarnished. This is a great example of where political expediency has over taken common sense and moral rectitude.

It is outrageous that Dr. Ford has been given a lie detector test but not Kavanaugh. It is outrageous that this hearing is going on without an FBI investigation as to the sundry allegations presented by three woman. There was even a witness to the events presented by Dr. Ford who has not been subpoenaed.

Frankly, I feel very sorry for both Judge Kavanaugh and for Dr. Ford. Both of their lives will not be the same for a long time, if ever.

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