Sandy’s “Big Money” Thoughts


Recently, I had a friend ask me…

“Sandy, how would your life change if you suddenly inherited over $50,000,000?”

I had to think about it. I wouldn’t quit my job since I am mostly retired anyway. I might pay off my kids mortgage or college debt or buy them a house if they didn’t have one already. I would probably get a new car since mine is about 21 years old. I might also take my family on a cruise. I probably would also set up a foundation to award funds to charitable causes. However, frankly, my personal life wouldn’t change much.

I am covering this because we all work hard to try to achieve monetary riches while giving up our free time with family, which seems most precious of all; thus, when I thought about it, frankly, I don’t see how my life would be very different from what it is right now. It does make me wonder whether we, as a society, have our priorities right.

So, I am asking you the question. How would your life change if you suddenly came into an extra $50,000,000 or more? Think about this as you go about your day. I don’t want to know how you would invest your money, but I do want to know how your personal and family life would change. So, feel free to link this to your social media and answer there.

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