Are You Paying Too Much for Car Insurance?


How would you like to save between 10%-50% on all of your car insurance each and every year?

According to a State Farm agent, many people are overpaying for the auto insurance. Why? There are many reasons, but one reason is that people are not taking advantage of an auto insurers “data tracking program.”

What is this? This can be an app on your smart phone or be a device that plugs into your car. It relays information about your driving habits to your insurer, including how many miles you drive, how often you drive late at night and potentially dangerous driving habits such as especially hard breaking or rapid acceleration. Thus, it wouldn’t be good for your teenage son who drag races on the streets.

Using this device, can provide some substantial discounts for low mileage and safe driving habits. The programs are fully voluntary and you can even get a discount for merely signing up. Progressive, for example, gives a $25 sign up discount. Drivers with low mileage and good driving habits can save a whopping 50% of the cost at State Farm for example, although the average saving that I have research when I called several companies was 10%-15%. You can even review your results online so you can work on improving your habits.

Even better, you aren’t locked in. You can stop participating in the program at any time.

So, who will benefit the most from using this program/device? I would suggest that the people who benefit the most are those who no longer commute to work and have low mileage and are a relatively safe driver. So, check with your insurer or agent about this, and please share this post.

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