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The Republican Tax Plan: Analysis – Elimination of Alimony Deductions


Alimony deductions eliminated starting in 2019.

Are you contemplating getting a divorce? If so, you will find this post very important.

For divorces incurring before 2019, you can deduct payments that qualify as alimony to your spouse. The spouse would have to pick up these payments as income.

Under the new law, for any divorce or separation agreement executed AFTER December 31, 2018,( which means in 2019 or thereafter) or executed before that date but modified after it, alimony will no longer be deductible by the payor spouse but will also not be included in the income of the recipient spouse.

Sandy’s tip: You can still deduct alimony if you meet the rules for alimony for divorces in 2018. If you are contemplating getting a divorce, you might be much better off doing it in 2018 especially if there might be a potential alimony payment.

Also, I find this strange that this only takes effect after 2018. Almost all provisions in the new law take effect in 2018.

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