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“You can’t make me be nice. You can’t make me be good. You can’t make me believe. But your example, your kindness, your patience, and love will affect me perhaps enough that eventually, I may choose to do those things.”
— Richelle Goodrich

We have all witnessed the horror of what went on in Las Vegas. Sadly, many people lost mothers, fathers, brothers, and children.

However, we have also witnessed the unbelievable acts of heroism.

  • Amy McAslin, who dove under a table as gunfire rained down, was also being shielded by some stranger who had also been shot and had also protected her face from being shot. McAslin, who was trained as an emergency tech, examined a woman grazed by a bullet in the neck in case the bullet hit an artery, which thankfully wasn’t the case.
  • Lindsay Padgett and her fiance used their parked truck to ferry wounded to an ambulance. Any that couldn’t fit in the ambulance were ferried to the hospital by them.
  • One of the passengers of the truck, was using his fingers to fill the holes and try to stop the bleeding of someone else who was shot in the chest.
  • A paramedic, whose brother was suddenly hit and coughing blood, rushed to help his brother despite bullets flying everywhere.
  • An off-duty nurse ran back into danger to help rescue those who suffered from gunshot wounds.
  • One stranger saw that 18-year old Addison Short got shot in the leg. He put a tourniquet on her and-and carried her on his shoulder to a waiting taxi who rushed her to the hospital.
  • And then there was the husband who protected his wife as they were running for safety. Sadly, he was shot in the back and died.

…and this doesn’t count the dozens of policemen, firemen, emergency responders, and others who put themselves in harm’s way to protect and rescue fallen people.

Yes, this was a horrible incident. However, these heroic gestures made me very proud to be an American. It’s not our technology, our educational system or our military that made America great. It is the greatness of our people who rise to occasions like this that made America what it is.

We can all be heroes in life by setting a good example to those we know and love. Think about this as you go about your weekend.

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