The Equifax Hack: You Should Be Concerned


People seem to have only a peripheral concern about the Equifax hack. But there are compelling reasons for you to pay attention to the consequences of this major security breach. Approximately 143 MILLION compelling reasons.

The hackers basically have every bit of information they need to steal your life!

That is not hyperbole. Here’s just a quick view of what they now possess…

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Drivers License Numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • Employment History
  • Credit History
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Bank Account Numbers
  • Home Addresses
  • Medical History

If that’s not enough for you to jump into action, you’re just not thinking properly.

Need a bit more incentive? Say someone spoofs your identity and commits a crime, even a speeding ticket, and you could easily be held accountable for that crime.

Credit reports contain information dating back seven-to-ten years. It could be that long before you’d be able to get a credit card, buy a car, buy a new home, get a cell phone, etc… And, some employers will pull your credit report when you apply for a job.

There were 17 million reported cases of identity theft last year. This hack reaches over 8 times that many people. You cannot afford to ignore this issue.

Find out if you were adversely affected by this hack. Go to https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/ and click on the “Check Potential Impact” button. And don’t worry about this process.

  • There is no exposure of your credit file. Equifax will simply let you know if they consider you to have been one of the victims. The basic information to identify you is information that they already have on file.
  • You are not waiving your rights to any potential class action lawsuits by clicking that link.
  • You are not rewarding Equifax by “giving them clicks”. That term only applies if they have advertising on their website. They do not in this instance.

Actual information is your friend here. The Identity Theft Resource Center has provided information to assist you. Even if you are not one of the suspected victims of this hack, it’s important to know what potential impact this could have on your future.

You should always monitor your credit. You are entitled to one free credit report every year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies (CRA)… Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. But you can also sign up for free credit monitoring services from companies like creditkarma.com, quizzle.com, or creditsesame.com, to name just a few. Better yet, sign up for more than one. Download their apps to your smartphone and set the notifications to inform you of any activity on your credit report.

There is also the paid protection offered by companies like LifeLock.

Here’s a little something to consider, over 70 percent of credit reports contain inaccurate information. The Fair Credit Reporting Act states that you have a right to dispute any information which you believe to be in error. However, the CRA has 30 days to determine if that information is indeed valid. When you’re waiting to close on a house, or you need a new car to get to work, that can be a very long time. And, no one but you will police those errors.

You can freeze or place an extended fraud alert on your credit files. In most cases, the CRA will charge a fee to put a freeze on your file. Sometimes they will charge you again to unfreeze the account. However, an extended fraud alert is free. You just have to remember to renew it every 90 days.

Contact the CRA and get your report, or place a freeze/alert…

  • Equifax
    PO Box 740241
    Atlanta, GA 30374-0241
  • Experian
    PO Box 2104
    Allen, TX 75013-0949
  • TransUnion
    PO Box 1000
    Chester, PA 19022

Sorry if this sounds a bit urgent. The fact is… it IS urgent! Don’t wait for something to happen, even if your information wasn’t compromised through Equifax. Protect yourself. In this day and age you can’t afford not to.

Please share this information with anyone and everyone you know.

For more about the Equifax hack, and what you need to know click here.


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