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Mike Brown

Scams Can Be Worse Than the Disease

As usual when something major happens in the world, those who love a good scam come out to take advantage of people. The current COVID-19 issue is no exception. 1Take for instance the main image for this post. The text, from a 650 area code, reads… Anna, $1000 to help you past the outbreak has...Read More

Why an HSA?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a way to plan for your medical expenses and do so in a way that is tax deductible. If you have a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), as most seem to these days, getting an HSA will help you save money. You also cannot be enrolled in Medicare in order...Read More

The Most Terrifying Scam

Imagine you’re sitting at home. The phone rings. You hear a quiet, scared voice on the other end… “Mom, I’m in a van, some guys grabbed me and pulled me in, and I don’t know where I’m at.” Next, a man’s voice comes on… “Your daughter seen me and my son doing things that she...Read More

Just Another Phone Scam

I love getting these kind of messages. Even more when it turns out to be a fairly common scam. Here’s hoping that you don’t fall for it. I know I didn’t. Yes this is Helen Williams I’m calling in reference to your federal student loan. I need to discuss your repayment options with the new...Read More

Considering a Low Cost Cell Plan?

Lately, a lot of low-cost cell phone plans have become available. If you’re considering a switch, there are a few things you should consider. Unlimited? Is the plan actually unlimited? Or, just kinda unlimited? These days, unlimited talk and text usually lead the way. Basically, you can talk as much as you want, and text...Read More

Reader View Available

Here’s a simple little trick that may come in handy. Especially if your reading glasses are in the other room. When you’re trying to read a blog, including the Taxbot Blog, sometimes the print is just too small on your smartphone. Well, there’s a built in way to solve that problem. It’s called “Reader View”....Read More

Apple Card Anyone?

UPDATED At their March event, Apple made the surprising announcement that they were jumping into the credit card business. Partnering with first time card issuer, Goldman Sachs, the company is proclaiming that their card will be different than others. Let’s take a look, shall we? No Fees Perhaps the boldest of their statements is that...Read More

Taxbot L!FT

Taxbot L!FT (or LIFT if you don’t speak in exclamation points) was born of a desire to put more positive thoughts out into the world. Social media is seemingly overflowing with negativity these days. So we sought out positive inspiration from some of today’s best minds. The dreamers. The movers and shakers. And we are...Read More