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homeoffice basics

The Basics You Need for an Effective Home Office


Guest Post by Lindy Schwarts • amazingmachines.info

Working from home has many benefits – it offers flexibility in setting your own schedule, allowing you to work anytime you want to saving your earnings as it allows you save on gas by eliminating your daily commute.

However, one can’t simply pop open their laptop and work from any part of their house or apartment as this can lead you to lose focus or get easily distracted even more.

To solve this problem, you can set up a home office where you can work at ease and comfort, having a home office also lets you finish all the work you need to do, but before you set up camp, here are some things you need to do so you can have an effective home office.

  • Find the perfect Room: an ideal home office home office is one that’s away from distractions, it should be big enough for you to move around and accommodate all the things you need and even your guests. You should at least have some windows that can allow some natural light in the room especially during daytime, this is especially helpful for the creative types (writers, graphic designers, etc). Your home office should have level of privacy and quiet so you can do your job efficiently and not be running around answering phone calls or entertaining people knocking in your front door.
  • Balance your Work Space and Other Things: Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, programmer, or consultant… One should have enough room to move around in and store all their important documents such as certificates or business permits. You can also get creative by having a friend make you a desk that also doubles as a storage cabinet of sorts, even if you decide to be paperless, you still need to have the proper places to store your important documents. If you find this too distracting, you can have a separate room to place all your documents especially if your room is big enough.
  • Have Proper Lighting: even if you consider yourself a mole or a vampire, it’s important that your home office has adequate lighting… You wouldn’t want to talk with your client or team in the dark now would you? Even if you’re a gamer or a YouTuber, you will need the right amount of lighting to properly engage with your audience. Having proper lighting minimizes eye strain while you’re working.
  • Have a Dedicated Phone for your Office: Having a separate line for your home office is very important, this gives you and your clients a direct line to you. You wouldn’t want your clients to think your business is illegitimate or unprofessional when your child or anyone from your household picks up the phone instead of you? Although it looks expensive, it doesn’t have to be, you can get a cheap low-tier Android phone, install a messaging app such as Slack, Viber, or WhatsApp so you can automatically call or send a message to your clients just by using either prepaid credits or Wi-Fi.
  • Invest in a Good Computer: preferably a desktop but if you can’t afford one right, you should get a decent laptop. Regardless whether you’re a virtual assistant or CEO of your company, you’ll be needing a good computer so you can do your work efficiently. However, it’s important that you don’t add anything in your computer that can distract you from working, have a separate one for your social media or gaming needs.
  • Chair: You’ll be spending a lot of time sitting in your chair so you’ll be needing a comfortable chair to sit on. Can you imagine sitting on a hard monobloc chair from 9am to 5pm? To choose the right chair, you’ll want something that’s ergonomic, it can be soft but not too much. We highly recommend splurging on those awesome gaming chairs you see E-sport players use.
  • Software: while Microsoft Word and its various tools does help, it can also be an obstacle as this needs to be constantly updated when someone revises a paragraph or edits a cell. Worry no longer as Google also happens to offer the same services, free of charge, where you can work with your team and client in real time, this allows you to collaborate and see changes happen right before your eyes. Encourage your team to use the same software you use so you can keep track of their progress.
  • Surge Protector and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): even if you live in a place that barely rains, it’s important that you have a surge protector as it can help prevent damage to your connection and devices. A surge protector also also helps extend the life of your devices for a long time. Another important thing is a UPS as this can save you especially during a power interruption, this gives you ample time to finish any remaining work or tasks you may have. Remember to charge it once it gets completely drained so you can use it again in times of an emergency.
  • Cloud Server: Simply storing files in your computer isn’t enough. Invest in a decent cloud server as this allows you to not only save your work but also transfer or download it with ease in case you need to change your desktop or laptop. Having a cloud server can save you time and worry especially if your device gets stolen (let’s hope not) or damaged.

Now that we’ve provided you with the basics for you to have an effective home office, it’s time for you to start moving, however, these are merely guidelines for you to work efficiently and effectively, you are free to customize and even personalize your office.

Sites like Pinterest can offer you lots of options on how to effectively maximize that spare room you converted into an office, get creative by choosing bright colors or creating a board out of corks and other recyclable materials as this helps in getting you in the zone and perhaps even the peak of your creativity.

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