How to Manage the Cost of Dental Implants and Aftercare


In most cases, getting dental implants is usually a way of correcting a defect in the mouth cavity. For instance, the loss of a tooth/teeth or even damaged gums. Most people are unaware of the cost of getting dental implants until they are hit with the bill before the procedure. Getting dental implants and aftercare services can be rather pricey, especially if your insurance does not cover the expenses. This article is centered on how you can manage the cost of getting dental implants and aftercare services

In-Office Financing

This option may not be offered by all dentists, but for those that do, this can be the best option for you when it comes to servicing your dental implant costs and aftercare. With an in-house dental plan, you can find either short or midterm loan options at low or no interest rates. The only catch is that you may have to pay larger installments when you opt for in-house dental financing. This is large because the dentist has no interest in acting as a financial institution. Their aim is for the patient to receive the much-needed service, pay off the bill with little or no interest fast and affordably.

Third-Party Financing

Individuals with good credit scores can go for third-party financing options. This option includes taking a dental loan to see you through the entire process. In most cases, the patient is expected to begin paying the installment before the procedure. The greatest selling point for a third-party option is the fact that most financiers offer installments that are affordable to most patients. In other cases, some patients opt to borrow funds against the value of their homes. This way, they are able to secure some of the best services for their implants and aftercare. For this, there are several lenders with their main focus on healthcare.

Dental Insurance and HSA

Taking advantage of your employer’s subsidized health plan can work to your advantage by taking care of a fraction of the bill. Don’t disregard this fraction, as you may need every bit of help you can find. To support this, you may have to dig into your health savings account or your emergency fund for the remaining funds. Having a health savings account is one of the best chances you have when dealing with medical expenses.

Dental hygiene is very important and should be viewed as such. It is for this that experts advise that, on top of your general medical cover, include a specialized dental health plan. This way, you can handle your bills easily when the time comes.

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