How Spare Parts Can Help You Sell Your Car for More


Selling a car that you no longer need is a great way to stop paying car insurance while also earning cash at the same time. If you are concerned that a buyer won’t pay as much as you would like the car to fetch, there are some things you can do to get a better price.

Clean It Up

Clean the car’s interior to remove debris, stains, and smudges. Scrub the dashboard and console as well as the steering wheel and inside of the doors. Vacuum the crumbs and pet hair from the floor and seats. Remove sticky residues like old food, gum, or candy. Empty the ashtrays if anyone has been smoking in the car. Take out the floormats and thoroughly wash them as well. Then wash the outside of the car by going to the automatic carwash or doing the job at home with a hose or bucket of soapy water. Rinse the suds to make the exterior finish shine again. Even if the car is not worth very much in book value, enhancing its appearance will impress potential buyers with a positive indicator of its value.

Replace Damaged Parts

Use quality suppliers for products like Toyota spare parts to make the car run efficiently. Letting buyers know that you have installed Toyota parts indicates your efforts to give the vehicle reliability and durability. A prospective buyer will likely be encouraged to know that the car is in good running condition because you have taken the initiative to replace old or nonworking parts with products from top brands, which have a stellar reputation in the auto industry. A car in good working order is much more attractive to buyers who don’t have the time or money to spend on fixing up a damaged car, so they will spend a little more to get a used car in good shape.

Add Some Extras

To catch the attention of buyers, put in a few extra features that don’t cost much. A steering wheel cover, used wheel covers in good condition, and new floormats really make a difference in showcasing the care you have put into the car. Inexpensive or second-hand seat covers and a recent oil change can help to seal the deal with an interested buyer.

Spend a little extra time and money when preparing to sell your used car. Some TLC and a couple of eye-catching additions will make a big difference. Your efforts could end up generating a much higher purchase offer than you would otherwise get.

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