4 Important Tips for Managing Your Wealth


As your finances prosper, and you begin to build wealth, you should take a proactive approach to managing your financial holdings. Assuming that you will have a relatively stable income stream from one or more various sources, here are some things to keep in mind while getting the most from your wealth.

Establish an Emergency Fund

Even if your life is fairly stable, and you don’t expect any severe financial shortfalls, you should have an emergency fund for unplanned expenses. Some people put about ten percent of their income in a savings account to keep it liquid and accessible when needed. You may want to consider a low-risk investment account for funds that can be withdrawn without penalty while earning a small amount of interest. With an emergency fund, you won’t have to dip into other uses of your regular income or wealth management strategies to cover something like new tires for the car or an unexpected medical emergency that requires a hefty copay.

Maintain a Monthly Budget

Follow a monthly budget for paying household expenses like food, utilities, housing, and transportation. There are other expenses as well, so make a budget plan that is reasonable and flexible. Sticking to a budget allows you to use leftover income for wealth building options. Balance your budget each month to ensure you are not overspending. If money is frequently left over, move it to an interest-bearing account.

Start a Long-Term Investment Account

Make the most of your money by investing the amount you can afford in long-term investments like a mutual fund or a stock portfolio. Diversity of holdings helps to reduce or mitigate the risk of loss if the economy goes south. As your investments compound over time when you don’t withdraw large sums, your investment will grow faster for future needs like college, vacations, and retirement.

Plan for Retirement and Beyond

Consult a financial advisor for assistance in planning your financial future. You may receive windfalls, bonuses, and other untypical sources of income that can be put to good use through various kinds of investments. You may decide to buy stocks or flip a house. You might prefer buying and managing a rental property. An advisor can discuss with you the options that might work best with your financial goals.

Don’t let your finances sit idle or use them carelessly. Set a plan in motion that will make the best use of your wealth to help reach your financial goals.

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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