3 Monthly Expenses You Can Lower by Shopping Around


Everyone has a budget, even if it’s not one that’s been written down and thoroughly broken down. Some of the expenses in that budget are fixed and can’t be changed. But some can easily be reduced simply by shopping around a bit. Here are three monthly expenses you can lower by shopping around.

Cell phone

Unless you’re locked into a contract with your cell phone provider, you have a lot of options for saving money each month on your cell phone bill. You can move to another major carrier that offers new subscribers a good discount for signing a contract for a year or more, for example. Another option is to sign up for a prepaid or pay-as-you-go cell phone service through a less expensive carrier. These services often run on the same networks as the major carriers, which means they offer the same quality service but at a much lower cost.

Internet service

Like cell phones, you have more than one option when it comes to your internet service. You can get different speeds for different prices and find better prices simply by shopping different providers to find the best deal. Spectrum Internet Plans are an excellent place to start when comparing prices and shopping around for the best deal on internet service. You might even find that you can get a better deal by bundling your internet with cable and phone service as well.

Car payment

The deal you were offered at the dealership when you bought your car might have been the best one at the time. But after a few months or years of on-time payments or an income increase, you might be able to find a better deal. You can shop around for a lower car payment by checking with your bank or credit union, other local banks and credit unions, and checking online lending options. Not only can you lower your monthly payment, but you might even save a significant amount in interest on the loan itself.

Sticking to a budget isn’t always easy. You can’t sacrifice your needs and you often don’t want to give up your wants. A good compromise is figuring out which things you need or want to pay for that don’t need to cost as much as they currently do. Shopping around and finding the best price for those things can lower your monthly expenses a lot, making it that much easier to stick to a budget.

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