Running a Retail Business? How to Organize Shelving and Product Displays


Running a retail business is no easy feat, especially in competitive industries. In order to attract customers and keep them coming back, you’re going to need to design your store’s interior to enhance the shopping experience. A sensible, strategic layout can make your store appealing and encourage shoppers to spend more. Keep these techniques in mind as you organize your store’s shelving and displays.

Place Special Offers at the Ends of the Aisles

Putting special deals at the end of the aisles has become such a standard practice in retail that customers have come to expect it. The strategy makes sense, since the ends of the aisles are more visible than the interior shelves. Use bright signage and effective displays to attract attention to your promotions.

Put the Most Popular Products at Eye Level

In old European art galleries, the most highly-acclaimed paintings were placed at eye-level while less popular works were stuck up in the rafters or down by the visitors’ feet. The reason why is obvious: It’s whatever is at eye level that gets the most attention. You can appropriate this romantic-era piece of wisdom for your retail store by strategically placing your most popular items right where your customers will be able to see them.

Use a Scissor Lift to Stash Extra Inventory Above Products for Sale

Leaving boxed-up or extra merchandise mixed in with products that are for sale is not a good look. It will appear unprofessional to your customers, who will end up doubting the quality of your store. By using a scissor lift hire to stash excess goods up where they belong, you can give your space the sleek appearance that will maximize customer confidence in your brand.

Place Impulse Purchase Items by the Register

Customers will come into your store specifically to buy certain products, but they might impulsively add extra items to their baskets. Take advantage of this tendency by placing candy, knick-knacks, and other impulse items right by the register where every customer will see them.

Be Logical in Designing the General Layout

Nothing frustrates customers like navigating an illogically laid out store. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and imagine what products they’d be likely to buy at the same time. Then, organize your products accordingly.

To beat out the competition, you’ll need to put serious thought into your product displays. Keep these tips in mind as you develop your strategy.

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