4 Options for Getting Cash for Your Broken Down Car


There is a possible explanation for that broken-down car lying in your garage. It may be a car that has been passed down the family line and epitomizes the family history. Also, you may have totaled the car yourself and lacked the funds or time to conduct repairs.

You may have bought the car while it’s brand new, and its years of service have turned it into a wreck. You may be wondering what to do with the car, especially if it’s taking up your yard or garage space. Thus, you don’t have to watch as time, and other elements wear down the car completely.

That said, you may take advantage of various opportunities to get cash for junk cars. Here are some ways to get rid of your broken down car and also earn from it.

Private Selling

You may want to sell your car without much noise and having to let everyone around you know you’re selling. Thus, you may take pics of your car and post them on various social media pages. You can sell your car through an online page that targets people looking to buy or sell their car.

You can also put up a for-sale sign on your car as you drive around. Ensure that you provide your contact information for interested buyers who may come across the sign. This way, you can find someone willing to buy your car for complete remodeling or spare parts.

Junkyard Sale

You may also choose to sell your car to a junkyard dealer who will find clients or sell parts. The better part about selling to a junkyard owner is that you can negotiate and get immediate cash. When selling your car to a junkyard dealer, you get paid based on your car’s value.

The junkyard will weigh the car and probably sell it as scrap metal. It may not be much since the scrap is sold per ounce, but it’s better than having the car rot in your yard.

Car Parts Sale

You may also disassemble the car and sell it part for part. You may lack a better buyer for the car and decide to sell some of the spare parts. This way, you may find a client looking for parts that are willing to buy some of your car’s components.

Ensure that you sell your crap piece to someone who knows what they are doing. That said, focus on buyers who focus on old or broken-down cars. This way, you can estimate your jalopy price and decide whether the buyer offers good deals on broken-down cars.

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