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With many of us working from home cybersecurity threats have substantially increased. So what are the top threats…

Ransomware is where hackers infiltrate a network or even your one computer finding valuable data and lock it up – demanding a ransom to get it back. Even worse, hackers are more likely to copy and leak the data even if the random is paid. Schools that have been trying to reopen are particularly juicy targets.

Another type of scam that is on the increase is Phishing. Here you get authentic looking emails that try to trick you into handing over sensitive information such as login credentials. Hackers are targeting remote workers who are more distracted or relaxed at home. So what can you do in order to limit these serious problems:

  1. Make sure that all networks are secure by using VPNs (virtual private networks). You can purchase these applications for your computer or network by doing a search. There are many of them available, such as encrypt.me, VPN Secure, personalVPN Pro, among many others.
  2. Lock down web based application if you have a large business network using security tools such as Alert Logic, cloudAware, Vault, and others .
  3. Books your ability to detect and respond to threats with detection software from such vendors as Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, McAfee, Trend Micro, etc.
  4. Never click on suspicious links that could be malware.
  5. Always use a virus scanner such as Kaspersky, Norton, Cylance, Himedal, etc…
  6. Shore up your passwords: First never use the same password on different accounts in case one account is hacked. Secondly consider changing your passwords yearly. Finally consider two-step verification – requiring a phone call, text, PIN, or email verification – in order to access certain accounts such as emails, Facebook, etc.
  7. Consider a subscription to password management software, such as 1Password, Dashlane, or NordPass.

Being careful and using common sense can make your life less taxing.

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