How a Balanced Budget Makes it Easy to Say “Yes” to Extra Expenses


Anyone who has ever come to the end of the month only to realize that there is not enough money in the bank to pay the rent understands the importance of budgeting. It is simply too easy to spend money that we have on hand without realizing that there are expenses around the corner that need to be accounted for as well. This is why a prudent person will have a budget in place in order to account for unexpected events that tend to happen to everyone from time to time. A balanced budget will even allow you to spend extra money on unanticipated items from time to time.

An Emergency Fund Is Essential

You have probably heard for years just how essential an emergency fund is. This is a special bank account that you have set up that goes above and beyond your normal budget. It is a way to have money available when you need it for items that you would not typically place in your budget to begin with. It is recommended that you aim for six to nine months of living expenses and keep that amount in your emergency fund.

Surprise Family Across the Country

You might have a niece who is graduating from high school or a mother who is turning 80 years old. Whatever the case might be, you might decide that you would like to take a quick trip across the country at the spur of the moment. If your budget is balanced, you will be free to do exactly that.

Make Room for Ear Piercing Jewelry

Be it for yourself or your daughter or son, you might find that there is a piece of jewelry that you simply must have. If it is not in the budget, you should not buy it. However, a balanced budget means that you have already accounted for those extra expenses so you can go ahead and consider purchasing ear piercing jewelry without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

Don’t Forget Unexpected Things for Your Children

There is always something to pay for when it comes to children. You cannot possibly account for everything in your budget. Keep it balanced so you can be ready when your son or daughter comes to you with an urgent need that must be met.

These are just four ways that a balanced budget will allow you to have the room you need to pay for extra items you simply cannot anticipate. It is a way to decrease the stress in your life by knowing you have a bit of a cushion. So, work hard on creating a family budget and then stick to it in order to reap these benefits.

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