4 Types of Car Services Your Insurance Should Cover


Car insurance is just another one of the costs of owning a car, but the options you add to your policy give you access to a multitude of services. These services can turn a major car headache into a minor issue when you need the help most. Keep in mind that these options might cost more upfront, but they really show their worth when you need it.

These are four types of car services your insurance should cover, some of which might require additional fees to be added to your policy.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is pretty standard for most insurance companies. Collision coverage is definitely a type of service you should purchase and your insurance should cover if and when you have an accident. Repairs to a damaged vehicle can be costly, and unexpected, making them hard to cover on your own when they do happen. Whether it is a driving accident or an unfortunate accident involving trees falling or flash flooding, among other things, this option on your insurance will save you money and get you on the road as soon as possible.

Theft and Vandalism

In addition to accident coverage taken care of through your insurance policy, there are other incidents which your insurance should cover. The most common of these include theft, auto glass repair, and vandalism or any other type of incident not directly related to an auto accident. This type of coverage is optional, but once you have it you can rest easy if anything does happen to your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

Another car insurance policy option is roadside assistance services in case you have a roadside emergency. There are several circumstances where this type of service comes in handy. If you end up locking yourself out of the car, a locksmith is covered by your policy. When a tire goes flat, roadside assistance can be called to come out and help you change your tire or tow you to an auto repair center to have the tire replaced. Running out of gas while on the road is not common, but it happens. A tank of gas can be delivered to you in order to give you the ability to drive to a station.

Car Rental

Not having a vehicle to get around when something does happen to your car can make life difficult. Optional car rental service can be added to your insurance policy and you’ll be reimbursed for fees incurred while your car is being repaired.

Always make sure you’re getting the most out of your insurance. Remember these basic services to have in your policy.

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