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The Profit Junkie Podcast with Jake Randall – Episode 39 – Ray Edwards

Do you need someone to buy into your idea? Donate to your cause? Help out your charity? Go to the restaurant you want to eat at? Influence anyone’s decision about anything?

It’s all in the art of persuasion.

This episode, we sit down with the King of Copywriting: Ray Edwards. He is a best-selling copywriter and a communications expert. After starting in the radio business, he took his copywriting skills to start his own copywriting business. After decades of success, he now teaches others how to write copy for themselves and achieve prosperity.

The need for copywriting has become more urgent because people need to market their businesses and their ideas. Everything is copy. You are always trying to sell something or influence the decision of someone.

Edwards shared some of his secrets of success with us. His interview with The Profit Junkie covers:

  • How to utilize the Six-Step PASTOR Framework for good copy

P: person, problem, pain

A: amplify, aspirations

S: story, struggle, solution, system

T: transformation, testimony

O: Offer

R: response

  • How to get to know your customers and see the world from their perspective to meet them where they are.
  • Why it is important to invest time talking to your customers and the people who said ‘no’ to your product/service.
  • Why it is important to be willing to fail and learn from those failures.

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