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Jake Randall

The Profit Junkie Podcast with Jake Randall – Episode 37 – Taylor Welch  

Taylor Welch is the CEO of Traffic And Funnels, author of 2 best-selling books, international speaker, entrepreneur & creator of the #1 rated sales training program with clients trained globally (The SalesMentor), Taylor has advised & serviced nearly 50,000 individual businesses globally and took his real estate investment company, Wealth Cap Holdings from 0 to 8 figures in lightening speed with all 3 in-house brands producing multiple 8 figures of revenue less than 5 years.

In this episode, we talk to Taylor about how he went from knowing nothing about business, marketing, or copywriting to being an owner of multiple 8 figure businesses.  

It all started when Taylor’s wife wanted more clients for her beauty salon in 2014. Taylor took on the task, despite the fact that he was just working at a church at the time.  So he picked up one of John Carlton’s books and read it at the beach.  

Which is where he learned what copywriting actually was. When Taylor got home from his beach trip he started doing some experiments to bring more clients into his wife’s business.  Well, some of those experiments worked.  

And then Taylor fell in love with the “game.”  

Some topics we covered during our conversation:

  • Why the “game” became even more addicting than the money he was making.
  • The reason his strategy for following up on prospects is so effective.
  • An explanation of why he prefers philosophical training over tactical training.
  • What you should focus on if you want to build wealth (Hint: it’s not the money.)
  • How beliefs that we had growing up can hold you back in your business. 
  • The one question you need to ask yourself if you want to make more sales.
  • How to chase the fruit without letting your tree die.  
  • The 2 things you can outsource in your business…and which one leads to more success 
  • Tips on how to survive (and thrive) during a crisis like COVID-19


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