Essential Equipment You Need to Get Your Construction Business Up and Running


Starting a construction business is a really major endeavor. While you certainly could rent all of your equipment until you start turning a profit, it is often better to own a few key pieces of equipment that you know you will use with nearly every construction project you do. Then you can rent equipment you are less likely to use until you can purchase those items. The following is the short list for which you should get a business loan and buy these items to get your construction company up and running.

Dump Truck

A big part of construction is either tearing down or digging down to begin anew. Whatever you tear down has to be removed from the site. Whatever you dig up has to be removed so that the foundation of the building can be properly poured and installed. To remove all of that debris or dirt, you definitely need a dump truck. Make sure you have at least one, although two would be better.


An excavator is a multipurpose piece of construction equipment. It can scoop and dig, jackhammer and even drill and corkscrew-auger through anything. You can buy both a mini-excavator and a heavy duty excavator so that you can tackle small to large projects.

Excavator Attachments

If you want to make the most use of your excavator—and what construction contractor doesn’t—the excavator attachments are as important as the excavator itself. The most common attachments are buckets, which are the scoops with raking forks on the edges. Breakers are another useful attachment, working like a giant jackhammer to break up concrete or stone. Grapples can grab and rip up large chunks of debris and even trees. 

Rippers and “thumbs” might be useful too, but if you are starting with the basics, the previously mentioned attachments will suffice.


A frontloader is similar to an excavator except that it really doesn’t do much digging. Instead it lifts and hauls massive loads of dirt or debris, scrubs, flat rollers, forklifts and grades ground and cement to make even surfaces. Like the excavator, you will eventually want all of the attachments for the machine, but the giant scoop bucket to move a lot of dirt and debris is what you are going to want most.

Nobody has the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to purchase the above equipment outright. That is why most contractors start with the basic pieces and take out a business loan to do it. You might be able to finance it directly through the company selling the equipment, but if you do that, get all of your equipment from the same company so that you can keep track of your monthly payments easier.

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