4 Great Causes to Leave Money to in Your Will When You Pass On


When planning your estate and how your money will be distributed among beneficiaries following your death, you may consider leaving some of your money to certain charities. The money that you donate to these charities can be used to support important causes and help society, and this can also help cement your legacy as a good, caring person. Here are four great causes that you may want to consider leaving money to in your will following your passing.

Habitat for Humanity

This charity is dedicated to building new homes for people and improving the living conditions for people who aren’t as fortunate. Many of the new homes are built for people who lost their previous homes to natural or man-made disasters. Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has built new homes and improved the living situations for millions of people and has earned the distinction of being the world’s largest nonprofit home builder.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is an easy organization to donate to, with a variety of options for small to large donations. This international humanitarian organization provides health care to people who live in areas where lifesaving treatments and other important medical services may be lacking. Doctors who work for the organization often travel to impoverished nations to treat children, adults and older patients who suffer from a variety of ailments, injuries and other conditions that decrease their quality of life. Doctors Without Borders is also committed to providing clean drinking water, better nutrition and other vital resources to these communities.

Story Dogs

Story dogs has created the Bequest Program to help children improve their literacy. This Australian-based charity gives young people the tools to master the skill of reading so that they can advance more easily in many areas of life. Children are given the opportunity to read stories to dogs as a fun way to sharpen their literacy and storytelling abilities. The organization also works with schools to develop better curriculum so that students can learn important subjects with less difficulty.

The Alzheimer’s Association

Organizations that raise funds for Alzheimer’s research and treatment often receive much less money than other disease-fighting charities, and leaving some of your money to this charity can help improve the lives of many seniors who suffer from this condition. A lot of the money that’s raised by this organization goes toward connecting Alzheimer’s patients and their families with support groups. Money also goes towards funding research and clinical trials.

Creating clauses in your will that designate these charities as beneficiaries will allow you to have your money applied toward making the world a better place following your passing. You can rest assured that your money will be put to good use by these trusted organizations.

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