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The Profit Junkie Podcast with Jake Randall – Episode 033 – Lynn Richardson

Lynn Richardson is an expert money manager and author of 8 books on the subject. She got her start by cold calling Russel Simmons and getting a job working with his organization. She now owns the entrepreneur academy and manages companies for celebrities. While she’s worked with big-name companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, she really shines by helping smaller companies be financially sound. 

What really sets Lynn apart is her life experiences. After getting a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Northwestern University, Lynn quickly buried herself in a pile of credit card debt. And even though she earned degrees in math and finance, she found herself going through two bankruptcies.  

Now Lynn helps folks avoid (or recover from) the same mistakes she made in her life. And she knows that financial responsibly IS possible. How?

  1. Do the math… money is predictable
  2. Make more money and have multiple streams of income. 
  3. Get your money back. (a.k.a. …learn the tax code)

Some topics covered on this episode:

  • Why being smart or athletic doesn’t help you as an adult… and how to shift that mindset that you adopted in your youth.  
  • And why being disciplined and honest is more important.
  • How voluntarily skipping Barack Obama’s inauguration was the turning point in Lynn’s life.
  • How “living a lie” led to an embarrassing public bankruptcy… and how you can avoid this fate. 

Connect with Lynn: 

The transcript for this podcast can be found here.

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